Matt Josephson is a barrister sole who has practised in civil litigation for over 25 years.

About Matt

Matt was admitted to the bar in 1994.  He worked in boutique insurance litigation firms for some years.  He has been heavily involved in leaky building litigation, and was a founding partner at Grimshaw & Co in 2005.  He has appeared in the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal.  He argued many of the leading leaky building cases, and contributed substantially to the development of the law in that area.

Matt has experience in many areas of the law.  He has had particular involvement with running large multi-plaintiff actions and where necessary taking them all the way to trial.

Some cases that Matt has been involved in

Dicks v Waitakere City Council

Orix v Milne

Body Corporate 188529 v North Shore City Council (Sunset Terraces)

Body Corporate 189855 v North Shore City Council (Byron Avenue)

Body Corporate 185960 v North Shore City Council (Kilham Mews)

Abernethy v Coughlan

Body Corporate 207624 v North Shore City Council (Spencer on Byron)

Body Corporate 160361 v Auckland Council (Fleet Street)

Areas of expertise include




Leaky buildings


Building contracts


Wills and estates


Relationship property


Tort and contract


Unit Titles Act 1972 and 2010


Vendor and purchaser


Professional negligence


Local and regional authorities
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